Website and Infrastructure Overhaul

Pass Perfect: FINRA Exam Prep

Pass Perfect’s FINRA Exam Prep programs have been in existence in one form or another for over 40 years. Their online presence started in the mid 90s and have been very successful in helping students pass these difficult exams since its inception. Their flagship program, previously known as SMART, was in need of a complete redesign: from the database to the customer-facing interface.

The Problem

While Pass Perfect’s online FINRA Exam Program has been very successful, there was a steep learning curve for new students using it for the first time. The average user would spend 25% of their time fumbling around the UI, just trying to locate answers to outstanding questions, definitions for industry terms and more. On a technical level, the site had become an amalgam of technology: from outdated databases to an archaic code base.

The program’s mobile experience was non-existent, which was a major concern.

The Solution

The team decided to rebuild the application from the ground up: starting with the database, the code base and new visualizations for both the student and administrator (teacher). We approached it as a ‘mobile first’ experience, considering users of the program wanted to be able to study on the go and for that purpose the site was not user friendly.

The Process

Working off of over 20 years of actual user experience from the previous incarnations of the program to what was currently in use, the project had a solid foundation of information to work from. From user feedback, data collection and internal testing, we had good insight into what and didn’t work.